Too many applicants. This is the main difficulty faced by job seekers according to the ABS. So what does this mean for you and your job search? You need to have that competitive edge and stand out from the crowd. Your resume needs to be memorable, professional and easy to read.  Can a professional resume writer help?

No matter what your situation is, the first step in your job search is to update your cover letter and resume. So the question is – should you use a professional resume writer? Is it worth the investment? Why not just give it a go yourself?

My answer of course is YES it is worth the investment.

BUT…. I do want to encourage you to choose your professional resume writer very carefully. Your resume must be written in your voice and have a little of your personality. They must take the time to get to know you and hear your story so that as they go about writing your resume, the end result is a true and authentic reflection of you.

"Your resume must look professional and enable the reader to find the information they are looking for easily."

Here are 5 reasons why I believe it is critical for you to have your resume prepared by a professional.

1. A Professional Resume Writer will market you appropriately

Most of us don’t like to blow our own trumpet, so to speak. We feel quite uncomfortable telling people about all the things we are good at or what we have achieved. We are worried about appearing as if we have an ego or think we are ‘all that’. This attitude is perfectly natural, however it has a detrimental impact on your job search and displaying a clear image of your capabilities on your resume.

It’s also difficult for you to be objective about your achievements. You may think that they aren’t that impressive, however in actual fact they inform the potential employer of some of your amazing skills and capabilities. In turn, you can bring this value to the employer.

A professional resume writer can break through that fear and displeasure in marketing yourself to create a resume that can really showcase your skills, capabilities and achievements.

2. No time to update your resume

So many of us are time-poor. We are busy mums, working professionals or students with so many deadlines and commitments. Most of us don’t have time to dedicate the required amount of effort to formulating a quality, compelling and high-impact resume that is well executed and professional. We settle for whatever we can do in the short amount of time we have.

What does this mean for your job search? It will probably mean that you are overlooked by potential employers because your resume doesn’t stand out, has spelling/grammar errors. In short, you may be wasting your time applying for jobs with a poor resume that doesn’t reflect your capabilities.

3. You don’t know what to include in your resume and lack confidence

Maybe you’re not sure what employers are looking for in a resume. Maybe you haven’t worked in a while so you’re not really sure what needs to be included on your resume? Maybe you just don’t have the confidence to prepare your own resume? These are all very valid reasons to engage the services of a professional resume writer. They are the experts in their field and are reviewing resumes all the time. They are up to date with latest trends and know exactly what a hiring manager is looking for on a resume.

4. You don’t know how to format your resume

Your resume must be aesthetically appealing in order to be noticed. It must look professional and enable the reader to find the information they are looking for easily. Formatting your resume is important. Everything from the use of colour, headings, sub headings, spacing and bullet points – all must be considered carefully when formatting your resume. A professional resume writer will know exactly where to place the right information and how to present it in such a way that is appealing, professional and an authentic representation of you.

5. You are changing careers

A career change will mean a complete overhaul of your resume. It’s a process of framing your skills, experience and capabilities in the context of the new career that you are seeking. It’s so important to highlight transferable skills and ensure that you are marketed as a good fit for your new career. A professional resume writer will work with you to draw out these transferable skills and showcase them on your resume.

So, ask yourself these questions…

Does your resume have that competitive edge?

Does it showcase your skills, capabilities and achievements?

If you are changing careers, is it highlighting your transferable skills?

No??? I’d love to help you create a cover letter/resume that stands out from the crowd.


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Ali Pataky | Resume Writing Specialist

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Ali Pataky
Hello, I’m Ali Pataky. With 13+ years HR & Recruitment experience, I have been reviewing resumes, cover letters and selection criteria statements for a long time. I am a leader in my field and have worked on significant statewide recruitment projects in the public sector. I’ve since found myself wanting to use my skills and experience in a more practical way.  It’s a tough job market out there today and it can be daunting ‘putting yourself out there’.  Especially if you are a student or mum returning to the corporate world. I am passionate about empowering job seekers to effectively market themselves, giving them confidence to achieve their career goals – whatever these may be. As a HR & Recruitment professional, I have a unique insight into what hiring managers and recruiters are looking for on a resume and/or cover letter. This enables me to thoughtfully and strategically craft documents to enhance your employability, whilst conveying a true reflection of you. Combining my professional experience and my love of connecting with people is the perfect direction for me. What’s your perfect direction?

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